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We are leading Manufacturers of Decor Paper and Decorative Paper that is used in High Pressure Laminate, Continuous Pressure Laminate Paper and Door Base Paper. We are expecting business inquiries from Bahrain, Malaysia, Kuwait, Sri Lanka and Oman for Decor Paper that is used in Raw Paper Laminates, Melamine Faced Board Paper, HPL Paper, Raw Paper Laminates, Printing Decorative Base Paper, and Printing Door Paper. We can give a great creativity in Décor Paper Specially designed to specific countries like Qatar, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, UAE and Pakistan. Please let us know your requirement for Decorative Paper, Decorative Base Paper, Printing Door Paper, Print Rae Door Paper, Furniture Surface Door Paper, Laminate Sheets Decorative Paper, Base Paper Laminate Sheets, Decorative Printed Paper, Printing Decorative Paper, Base Paper Laminate Sheets.

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HPL Paper- Manufacturer of High pressure laminate Paper.


Tanish Industries Pvt. Ltd.  Produce all kind of Decorative Paper for the low pressure laminate sheets, high pressure laminates sheets, continuous pressure laminate, mfc-melamine faced. It evolves International Style Decorative Paper  that is used in printing of  flooring laminates, post forming laminates, compact laminates, laminate panels, door fronts laminates & all furniture surface treatment and finishing products like edges, edges strips, profiles, trimmings, auxiliary materials, ready-to-assemble elements, ornamental fitting etc. We prints natural wood and stone reproductions in addition to trendy abstract designs.

Our company provides high quality custom printed materials to the laminate sheets for furniture industries all over the world. Our mission is to deliver high quality products of superior design to satisfy customers

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